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Antigua Happy Heights Hiking Trail

About Our Tour

Happy Heights is a locally run business guided by our local, knowledgable and entertaining tour guide Nicholas. He will take you through the only last standing rainforest, around the historic Nelson's Dockyard and English Harbour for you to feel and see the history of the island first hand.

Fruits on the Hiking Trail

Things To See

Happy Heights will excite all of your senses, from the beautiful views that will captivate your eyes, to the sounds of the ocean, birds and other animals encountered along the beaten path. Pick fruits like mangoes, guineps, locust ( stinking toe), cactus cherries and more. Experience Antigua by foot. 

There is a lot more than just the beach.

Antigua Hiking Trail Pictures

What You Take Away

With our new found love for seeing Antigua as not just a beach destination, feel free to share your experience with others from the pics you take or the stories you have to tell. 

All hikes end with locally made juices and fresh banana bread baked by the infamous Granny Madge.